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About Geaux Trade...

In this ever-changing world of commerce, progressive business owners continually seek innovative ways to increase profitability by networking with others like themselves who understand the benefits of organized trading. It has taken the "Trade Exchange" industry over 40 years to finally evolve into what we believe is now an acceptable, main-stream way to expand your business.

We've taken a GOOD concept and made it GREAT by incorporating accountability at every level, member selection to beat all and something the industry has never association that is "By the Members...For the Members". Now the members, as shareholders have a voice in how the exchange operates, spawning creativity and flexibility.
How does it work?
After joining Geaux Trade, let's say you need advertising for your printing company. An accountant wants letter head stationary and purchases printing from your company through Geaux Trade. Now you can use the Trade Dollars from the sale of your services to buy anything available through Geaux Trade —including, of course, the advertising you've been needing. Simply search among the listings of businesses to find the product or services you want. Present your Geaux Trade Barter Card and make your purchase—in Trade Dollars!